Buffalo Rifle Association of Australia (BRAA)


The Buffalo Rifle Association of Australia (BRAA) Inc. was formed in 2009 to promote the use of the single-shot, black powder rifles used by Buffalo (Bison) Hunters, United States Army and Settlers during the late 1800s in the American West.

The Club is formally incorporated and affiliated with the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) and SSAA Membership is a pre-requisite to joining BRAA.

BRAA is also approved by the NSW Firearms Registry as both a Shooting and Collectors Club for these types of Firearms.


BRAA organises regular shoots on an 1000 yard range at Cooyal (near Mudgee), as well as Matches at Nioka (near Tamworth) and Canberra.

The main annual event of BRAA is the ‘Billy Dixon’ Match held at the Nioka Range in September each year. This Range is 1000 yards long with provision to shoot out to 1200 yards.

The ‘Billy Dixon’ Match is named after the legendary American hunter and Indian Fighter who brought the Second Battle of Adobe Walls to an end by shooting the Indian Comanche Chief ‘Quanah Parker’ off his horse at 1538 yards.