Membership of Buffalo Rifle Association of Australia (BRAA) is open to all who are interested in this style of shooting.

Full membership costs $75 per year (there is no joining fee).

It is a prerequisite of BRAA membership that you are also a Sporting Shooters Association of Australia  (SSAA) member; with whom BRAA is affiliated. Liabilities that may occur as a result of our matches are insured through SSAA (as are individual members).

For Non-shooters and Juniors, Associate Membership is available at $25 per year.

To join BRAA, contact the Club Secretary to request a BRAA Membership Application Form, complete this form and return it (with your Membership fee) to the Club Secretary (as detailed in the application form).

Prospective Members who are interested in joining BRAA are encouraged to attend one of our Matches (see our calendar for details) to compete with their suitable rifle, or to try their hand at shooting a buffalo rifle if they do not.

It is worth phoning the Club Secretary in advance to ensure there has been no change to the match schedule.


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